The Ultimate Trading Platform for Beginners & Expert Traders

Investingor cTrader is the ultimate trading platform for both beginner and expert traders looking for a powerful, intuitive and customizable trading experience. With the market’s sharpest execution, you can fill your orders in milliseconds without any requotes or price manipulation. Moreover, you have access to advanced charts to help you analyze the market and make better decisions. With cTrader, you can access your account on mobile, web, and desktop, take advantage of advanced order capabilities, and even copy or automate your trades.

Why Choose cTrader?

cTrader is available on Mobile, Web, and Desktop with an intuitive user interface and advanced trading capabilities such as fast entry and execution and coding customization, as well as plenty of education and analysis to help you make better trading decisions.

  • Lightening-fast accurate execution.
  • Detailed trade analysis to help you capitalize on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Advanced risk and order management options.
  • The ability to add multiple take-profit orders.
  • Comprehensive educational videos to expand your knowledge.
  • 94 charting tools, 26 timeframes, and 50+ pre-installed indicators.
  • You can detach charts for multiple screens
  • Create and optimize trading robots.
Why Choose cTrader?

Mobile / Desktop Trading

Access your cTrader account on your mobile phone, tablet, or PC with a sophisticated interface and advanced mobile charting features. Available on Windows, iOS or Android devices.

Web Trading

The cTrader web platform is a powerful solution for browsers or Mac users, bringing the same advanced functionalities as the desktop platform (excluding cTrader Automate). Access your account from anywhere, anytime without having to install any software.

Copy Trading

Not comfortable with manual trading? Copy or automate your trades and save valuable time from conducting your own analysis.